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Use in dairy industries for dosing and mixing on-line two products (e.g fruits into yogurt, cultures into milk etc.) for the production of a homogeneous blend.

In the fruit-yogurt application the unit is installed before the filling machine.The yogurt base is dosed and mixed with the corresponding fruit preparation. The dosage is carried out via two rotary piston pumps (one for yogurt and one for fruit) as well as two inductive flow meters for accurate dosing. Afterwards the two products are gently stirred to a homogeneous blend by a dynamic in-line pipe mixer.


    • Automatic dosage of yogurt base and fruit preparation.
    • Dosage is carried out gently by two rotary piston pumps avoiding the destruction of yogurt base texture and fruit pieces.
    • Accurate dosing via two inductive flow meters.
    • Easy adjustment and product safety via stored recipes in a control unit avoiding dosing failures.
    • Homogeneous blend via a dynamic in-line pipe mixer.
    • In combination with the fruit preparation hopper and the yogurt batch tanks, the mixing unit forms a closed system providing highest safety against contamination.
    • The mixing unit can be connected to the central CIP unit so that it can be cleaned by the yogurt line automatically.
    • The unit is customized to the needs of the customer.
    • The unit is preassembled in a stainless steel rack including all the electrical and pneumatic installations.
    • Each unit is tested with water before dispatch.
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Dosaumat unit
Unit detail
Unit detail
Unit detail

All the processing plants are designed in 3-D before their construction, giving to our customers the possibility of selecting the most ergonomic solution.

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3D view

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