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SYNELCO collaborates with recognized houses for the supply of homogenizers for applications in the food industry.

With our age-long business in the dairy industries, we undertake the installation, the commissioning and the after sale service of the homogenizers which we supply.

Homogenization in dairy products is used to reduce the size of fat globules or particles and disperse them evenly. One of the oldest applications of homogenization is in milk processing, to prevent or delay natural separation of cream from the rest of the emulsion.

The homogenizing phase can be carried out using a single homogenizing valve or a double homogenizing valve (suggested when we have to use emulsions and for controlling viscosity whenever requested). The homogenizing valves are equipped with specific pneumatic unit, to assure a simple and accurate functioning.

The Benefits of homogenization for various dairy products are the following:

    • In milk, better product stability avoiding a cream line in the package, better mouth-feel and appearance, improved shelf life.
    • In cream, higher viscosity and a more full-bodied taste.
    • In yogurt and other fermented products, separation of whey avoided and improved texture.