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Membran-tech (NF)

Membran-tech (NF) is a Nano-Filtration plant which is used in the dairy industry for concentration, desalination and water removal of milk, whey or permeate from the ultra-filtration process of milk or whey. The nano-filtration membrane allows water and monovalent salts to pass through it during the concentration process and at the same time the membrane retains the remaining solids in the feed. In this way the divalent salts, lactose, acids, proteins, fat and bacteria are concentrated in the retentate.

Membran-tech (NF) systems are fully self-contained and skid-mounted, providing our customers with several benefits such as space saving, short installation time, easy maintenance and membrane replacement. The units are fully automated, available in various sizes/capacities. The units are fully tested prior to delivery and come fully cabled ready for production.


  • NF concentration of whey for transport savings.
  • NF concentration and demineralisation of milk for yogurt and other special products.
  • NF concentration and demineralization of UF milk/whey permeate.
  • Advantages of Membran-tech (NF) Plants.

  • Proven components and system design.
  • Proven membranes for NF dairy applications.
  • High performance and long membrane lifetime.
  • In-line process.
  • High-quality engineering.
  • Construction according to the EEC regulations and HACCP.
  • Special software has been developed providing high safety in operation and high-grade standard product, eliminating the human mistake.
  • Easy adjustment via a color touch panel in the electrical panel.
  • Monitoring and Recording of the influential parameters and their administration to scada system.
  • The CIP of the unit is carried out by recirculation over the balance tank. The dosage of the solutions, the cleaning time and temperature, as well as the phase changes are executed automatically.
  • The unit is customized to the needs of the customer.
  • The unit is preassembled in a stainless steel rack including all the electrical and pneumatic installations.
  • Each unit is tested with water before dispatch.
  • Unit detail
    Unit detail

    All the processing plants are designed in 3-D before their construction, giving to our customers the possibility of selecting the most ergonomic solution.

    3D view

    3D view

    Front view

    Top view

    In proportion with the needs of each customer Membran-tech systems can basically be divided into 4 main categories:

    Membran-tech (MF)

    Micro-filtration plant.

    Membran-tech (UF)

    Ultra-filtration plant - Diary.

    Membran-tech (UF)

    Ultra-filtration plant - Greek Yogurt.

    Membran-tech (NF)

    Nano-Filtration plant.

    Membran-tech (RO)

    Reverse Osmosis plant.