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Membran-tech (UF)


Membran-tech (UF) systems are fully self-contained and skid-mounted, providing our customers with several benefits such as space saving, short installation time, easy maintenance and membrane replacement.
The units are fully automated, available in various sizes/capacities.

The units are fully tested prior to delivery and come fully cabled ready for production.

SYNELCO offers a pilot plant unit for product testing and process development at your plant site.


UF technology is used for production of white cheeses, whey cheeses and Greek style yogurt.

Benefits of protein standardization in cheese making:

  • Increased yield of curd from cheese vats, up to 15%.
  • Less rennet consumption.
  • Lower fines and fat loss at whey.
  • Better control of the cheese process and constant curd quantity from cheese vats.
  • Constant quality all the year around.
  • Production of less whey.
  • Increase of the existing cheese vats’ production.
  • Benefits of protein concentration in whey:

  • Increased yield of curd from whey cheese vats, up to 50%.
  • Energy saving due to reduce of steam consumption.
  • Production of less whey residue.
  • Increase of the existing whey cheese vats’ production.
  • Saving transport cost in the case that the concentrated whey is transferred to other factories.
  • Advantages of Ultrafiltration:

  • Removing of minerals and lactose improves the flavor of the final products.
  • Removal of minerals and lactose improves coagulation and the texture of the final product.
  • Removal of lactose reduces the content of lactose and by that the energy (calories) of the product.
  • UF permeate is a high valuable virgin permeate and the only one that allowed for protein standardization of milk powder according to EU Directive 2007/61/EC.
  • Unit detail
    Unit detail

    All the processing plants are designed in 3-D before their construction, giving to our customers the possibility of selecting the most ergonomic solution.

    3D view

    3D view

    Front view

    Top view

    In proportion with the needs of each customer Membran-tech systems can basically be divided into 4 main categories:

    Membran-tech (MF)

    Micro-filtration plant.

    Membran-tech (UF)

    Ultra-filtration plant - Diary.

    Membran-tech (UF)

    Ultra-filtration plant - Greek Yogurt.

    Membran-tech (NF)

    Nano-Filtration plant.

    Membran-tech (RO)

    Reverse Osmosis plant.