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Use in dairy industries in order to automatically standardize the fat content in pasteurized milk, yogurt, cream and cheese.

STANDU is an automatic standardizing unit that continuously controls the fat content of milk and cream. It is installed after the separator (where the incoming whole milk is separated into skim milk and cream). The cream fat content is determined via a mass flow meter and then is controlled via a regulating valve. A certain part of the standardized cream is then dosed back into skim milk providing a defined fat content milk.


    • Automatic milk and cream standardization.
    • High standardization accuracy (+/-0,05% in milk and +/- 0,5% in cream on-line right after the control unit and +/-0,025 in milk and +/-0,25% in cream after a buffer tank).
    • Capacity in proportion to the separator production.
    • The electrical panel is equipped with a 10’’ color touch panel providing easy adjustment via preset recipes.
    • The unit is customized to the needs of the customer.
    • In combination with the pasteurizer and the separator, the unit forms a closed system and so provides highest safety against contamination.
    • The unit is automatically cleaned by the CIP of the separator.
    • The unit is preassembled in a stainless steel rack including all the electrical and pneumatic installations.
    • Each unit is tested with water before dispatch.
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Milk / Cream automatic standardizing unit
Unit Detail

All the processing plants are designed in 3-D before their construction, giving to our customers the possibility of selecting the most ergonomic solution.

3D view

3D view

Front view

Top view