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Design and construction of milk processing machine.

• Study and machine design
• Manufacture and assembly
• Electrical connections
• Installing system software
• Trial operation
• Ready to delivery to the customer

Automatic production line for feta cheese.

• Study and design for an automatic production feta cheese line
• Construction and installation cheese vats
• Construction and installation parts of line
• Mould filling line
• Line drainage 1st stage
• Stacking machines, destacking and turning molds (block forms)
• Line drainage 2nd stage
• Cheese reception line
• Full range of special molds (block forms) and block form top
• Whey management pipeline and chemical cleaning (CIP)
• Fully automatic operation of the line

Automatic quick cooling line for yogurt cups.

• Study and design of automatic quick cooling line for yogurt cups
• Line support infrastructure facilities
• Autonomous fast cooling cells
• Automatic feeding and evacuation of the pallets with the product
• Flexible cooling programming by type and packaging of product
• Output cooled products on conveyor

Membran-tech (UF)

The greek yogurt production with ultrafiltration technology is based on a separation process working at molecular level.
The Membran–tech (UF) plant works with cross flow filtration, using ultrafiltration spiral wound membranes.
Lactose, salts and acids pass through the membranes, while proteins and fat are retained and thereby the feed is concentrated to the desired product.
Membran-tech (UF) systems are fully self-contained and skid-mounted, providing our customers with several benefits such as space saving, short installation time, easy maintenance and membrane replacement.
The units are fully automated, available in various sizes/capacities.
The units are fully tested prior to delivery and come fully cabled ready for production.

Advantages of Ultrafiltration in the Greek yogurt production.

• Smooth and creamy texture of the final product.
• Improved taste of the final product.
• Increased yield up to 5%, due to high retention of the whey proteins.
• Fat content from 0,1% to 10%, with no effects on quality that come by adding cream after concentration.

Master-CIP. Cleaning-In-Place system.

Master-CIP is an advanced automatic cleaning-in-place system constructed by SYNELCO.

It is used for cleaning process equipment (sanitary pipe networks, tanks etc.) for all food applications (dairy, beverage, carbonated soft drink, cheese, prepared food, brewery etc).
The cleaning is fully adjustable to meet the demands of the cleaning object, i.e. times, concentration, temperature and flow.

• Construction according to the CE regulations and HACCP.
• Wide range of flexible solutions with capacities and options for every customer/ market.
• Food safety, production economy and flexibility.
• The unit consists of one or more pressure lines, according to the customers requirements, all individually pre-assembled and frame-mounted.
• Every line can be connected to up to 10 CIP circuits for which individual parameters (circuit volume etc.) can be set.
• The unit is delivered with pre-set CIP recipes, while it is also possible to create customized CIP recipes.
• By applying the individual parameters of a CIP circuit to a certain CIP recipe, an optimized cleaning can be performed for that circuit.
• Special software has been developed providing high safety in operation and high-grade standard cleaninig, eliminating the human mistake.
• Easy adjustment via a color touch panel in the electrical panel.
• Monitoring and Recording of the influential parameters and their administration to scada system.
• The dosage of the solutions, the cleaning time and temperature, flow and concentration, as well as the phase changes are executed automatically.
• The unit is preassembled in a stainless steel rack including all the electrical and pneumatic installations.
• Each unit is tested with water before dispatch for immediate start-up.

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