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Visco-Therm has been designed for continuous-high tempe-rature and short time scraped-surface pasteurization of viscous products like whey cheese, tomato paste etc.

Visco-Therm can be equipped with a vacuum pump for moisture removing and partial concentration of the product.

The standard Visco-Therm scraped-surface pasteurizer is based on a modular design and the scrapers are normally mounted vertically. The modular design permits the deployment of one or more scrapers configured in parallel or in series to meet specific capacity and temperature requirements. The unit is equipped with all safety systems which ensure the gentle and complete pasteurization of the product. At each possible malfunction (lack of electricity, lack of steam etc.) the pasteurizer operates by itself in the right way, informing the operator through an alarm.

Each unit is tested with water before dispatch.


  • Design and construction for continuous process.
  • Gentle processing through surface scrapers.
  • The unit is customized to the needs of the customer.
  • Cooperation with the accessory equipment (production machinery, homogenizer, packing machine e.t.c).
  • Construction according to the EEC regulations and HACCP.
  • Accuracy in temperature regulation via an independent steam-hot water preparation unit.
  • The unit is equipped with all the necessary equipment preserving the product from any contamination.
  • Special software has been developed providing high safety in operation and high-grade standard product, eliminating the human mistake.
  • Easy adjustment via a color touch panel in the electrical panel.
  • Monitoring and Recording of the influential parameters and their administration to scada system.
  • The unit is preassembled in a stainless steel skid including all the electrical and pneumatic installations.
  • The CIP of the unit is carried out by recirculation over the balance tank.
Visco-Therm back diagonal view