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SYNELCO is a modern greek technical company with intense activity in the field of the food industry. The company is staffed by experienced engineers and has contributed significantly to the designing and construction of many industrial “turnkey” plants .

The company has undertaken and executed a significant number of projects. The company is fully specialized in dairy industries, as well as in juices and soft drinks industries. The industrial automation department of the company performs control and supervision projects of the production procedures (SCADA), as well as of the energy consumptions, so it participates in other industrial sectors except the food industry.

The company collaborates permanently with the greater and more significant foreign construction companies of special equipment.

The projects of SYNELCO are realized by experienced specialized technicians on the electrical and mechanical installations.

The new activity of the company concerns the construction of pre-assembled units in order to be tested and adjusted at the workshop.


The target of SYNELCO is to offer to its customers specialized solutions with the most appropriate and advantageous proposals, adapted in their own needs. We will succeed on this by our continuous and entire concentration to the achievement of our fundamental work:

  1. By appreciating and developing completely the capabilities and creativeness of our people.
  2. By propagating the aptitude of Greek engineers to study and construct projects with high performance requirements.
  3. By converting our high knowledge into confidence in our company’s name, continuous improvement of the position of our company in the market and increase of the range and volume of its sales.
  4. By applying continuous research for development and adaptation of the modern innovations to the requirements of the customers we serve.
  5. By offering our services (after sales services) on equipment lifetime.


SYNELCO creates the conditions to consolidate and considerably expand its place inside and outside of Greece. The construction quality of plants, by the development of services and the continuous improvement of the construction potentiality of the company, guarantee its next steps. SYNELCO provides to its customers several alternative proposals through services and products that ensure profitable for their investments.


Our expectation is to be among the best Greek companies of engineering, designing and construction of modern innovative, efficient and integrated industrial projects. We want to feel proud of our collaborations next to our customers and our suppliers.